Production Season at College Pro Painters

Early June is one of the busier times in the season for a College Pro Painters Franchisee.  At this point, along with help from your painters,you will be booking and producing work simultaneously. At this point [early June] in the season, your painters should be fully trained and able to work independently. Of course,it’s smart to check in from time to time and see that everything is on track. College Pro Painters will help you distribute flyers in your target markets and coach you through the various transitions of your business term – all while holding you accountable to your weekly and year end goals.

A typical day in June is certainly busy and hopefully hot! Not too hot of course but as long as it’s not raining, we’re in business! These four weeks will significantly dictate the volume business you will run. For myself, I would wake up most weekdays at 6:30-7:00 AM. I would be in touch with my painters by 8:00 AM sharp making sure they were at the jobsite and that they understood the game plan for the day. I would then go replenish any used up stock in regards to sand paper, roller heads, brushes etc… It’s important to have one painter per job site that is responsible for making sure that they have the necessary resources to do a great job! You can find me checking in with my jobsite managers a few times each day, wanting an update on thejob progress and customer interaction. At the end of the day I will usually call the homeowner and give them a full update along with our plans for the following day. Communication with your client is the single most important factor in customer service. The customer always wants to know that you care.

Towards the end of the day, many College Pro Painters franchisees will go give estimates to potential new clients. It is great if you can do some of these estimates during the day also; however, with work schedules, these estimates often fall after 5pm. Once I know all my current jobsites are cleaned up, organized, and my painters have gone home, I head on home and try to relax for an hour. College Pro Painters truly helps you grow and deal with the everyday stress. You develop a routine over time, you learn how to block schedule, you get better at problem solving – and still, everyday something new is thrown at you! It’s how you deal with these curve-balls that will determine your success!


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