By: Kristy Nieboer, Media & Marketing Intern


After reading the Globe and Mail article “Why Canada’s Youth Are Losing Hope For The Future”, it became evident that today’s students will have a very difficult time finding jobs in their desired fields after they finish school. In addition to the changes in the economy, and the decreasing number of jobs, there is an increasing number of graduates each year, making the competition for work very aggressive. As is, students struggle to find summer jobs (including part-time) in their field of study.


Regardless of the degrees today’s students are graduating with, the full-time job market will be saturated upon graduation. However, there are definitely ways students can set themselves apart from their peers. Companies are inclined to hire students who have experience and are likely to be a good fit in their culture.


College Pro - Increase Your Stock for the FutureCollege Pro provides students in all programs of study with the experience of running their own business. College Pro franchisees learn a plethora of skills first hand, including; hiring, training, customer service, teamwork, financial management, organization and leadership. The culture is one of action – do it, don’t just talk about doing it. The people at College Pro eat sleep and breathe the mantra ‘work hard, play hard’. It takes a certain type of person to fit the bill at College Pro – but those who commit themselves leave with unparalleled stories to share.  It’s not enough to say you’re a “leader” these days… you need to be able share experiences where you’ve been thrown into the fray and have learned to succeed.  You need grit.


As the media and marketing intern for College Pro, I have had the chance to meet and interview hundreds of College Pro franchisees over the past 6 months. I am a fourth year student at Wilfrid Laurier University, and can tell you that these franchisees are far ahead of most students in my class – they have hands-on experience running a business, have developed themselves personally, and have set and achieved goals far beyond any I have ever imagined. In addition, they tend to exude a confidence and maturity far beyond their years.  They are chalked full of employable traits – qualities employers look for upon hiring university graduates. If you see glimpses of yourself in any of this, inquire further to set yourself apart from your graduating class! Check out for more info.


Check out for more about the College Pro Culture.


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