DIY tips from College Pro - Painting Your WindowsOver the years, and harsh weather conditions, windows can take quite a beating.  College Pro has been painting windows on homes for over 40 years (along with all other exterior surfaces). The student painters at College Pro are used to all types of windows, including even the most tedious storm windows. Ground level or 3rd story dormer, the College Pro crews are prepared with all the necessary equipment to complete the job.  From all of us at College Pro we understand that as a homeowner you may want to do some window work yourself. We encourage all homeowners to take care of their homes but call the student painters at College Pro for the heavy-duty stuff!  The following are some tips that can help you keep your windows looking fresh and protected for year’s to come.

Windows tend to be sensitive. Whether your windows are made of wood, aluminum or something else its important that you are gentle with them.  First you are going to want to scrape off all the loose paint and then follow up by sanding those rough areas. Even if your dealing with an aluminum surface we suggest you sand. This will dull the surface a bit to allow for the paint to adhere better.  After this you want to check around the window for any cracks or holes. This is crucial to ensure your window will keep the cold air out and warm air in. Make sure you check where the actual windowpane meets the frame. Here is where you want to caulk any holes or cracks.  Paint stores do carry caulking, but, in our experience at College Pro, we suggest you buy the caulk carried at a hardware store (Note:  there is a lot of oil based caulking, be sure to find latex based caulking so your paint will cover).

The student painters at College Pro would love the opportunity to help you with the process.  Remember that windows are sensitive so they need to be treated with care. Give us a call anytime if you have any questions 1-800-327-2468!




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