By: Jeremy Welik

College Pro, Why Book Early

Winter doesn’t exactly scream “exterior painting”. For most homeowners they don’t want to think about it until March or April. What happens, though, is that all of these homeowners begin calling in March and April looking to have work done, and everyone suddenly wants it produced the first week of May! I mean, wanting your work done in May makes perfect sense, however it generally needs to be scheduled a few months prior. Who doesn’t want to re-paint their entire front trim in early May and enjoy it all summer? Not to mention, booking well in advance gives the space to plan the budget properly. It just makes good sense.

As a College Pro Painters franchise owner, I personally offer an early bird special for homeowners who book now rather than later. Depending on the nature of the job, I will usually offer a discount between 5-10% if a homeowner books a job in the month of February through the first week of March. Booking this early can raise some concerns for homeowners so I would like to address those concerns I have come across most frequently: Some folks feel that if they book this early that I may forget about them because the job won’t be happening until the summer. One thing I pride myself on most is ensuring that my client understands exactly what I will be doing and when I will be doing it. After booking a job I will follow up with my clients as painting season nears, to confirm the original date we had agreed on. I will also always update my client well in advance if there are any weather reports that may interfere with the work. It is important that my clients play a role in the entire process from selecting colors to any touch ups at the end.

As a College Pro Franchisee last year, I noticed that many homeowners were reluctant to book early due to the work possibly interfering with their summer vacation plans. Whenever I schedule a job I always leave room for possible re-scheduling. I understand that once we start getting closer to summer, some homeowners may plan trips,and, here at College Pro,we are flexible in accommodating you (it’s like doing a puzzle, you just have to adjust the pieces accordingly – and some other customers are often flexible on time). I make sure, early on, that there is a strong line of communication between the homeowner and myself. From there, we work together until the work is done and the homeowner is happy!




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